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Things that makes your life easier

Host your apk


Pushlink hosts your APK encrypted and uses renowned servers. All the traffic occurs over SSL. The APK will never be published or installed by others.

Devices Enrollment


Simple but effective ways to install your application for the first time on your devices:

  • QR Code: point your device camera to the screen and see the enrollment happening.
  • API+CLI: command line is power.
  • Safe links: Invalidate links you have shared in the past.

Manage Versions


Enforce the application version running on the devices. After uploading an APK, just set it as "current version". The user experience can be chosen between Status Bar , Friendly Popup, Annoying Popup and Background.

Track Installations


Pushlink will show the number of online/offline installations running an specific application, showing how many are updated/outdated as well.

Track Information


You will be able to view data from every installation, such as online/offline status, last touch, device id, etc. You can even add your own metadata like device model, IMEI, SIM Card Number, IP, etc.

Track Exceptions


Get notified by email when an exception happens, track in which device and see the full Java StackTrace and the last 100 lines of Android LogCat. Pushlink catches all unhandled exceptions in your application by default, and they are all sent asynchronously to the web with delivery guarantee. By the way, you can also send exceptions manually.

Integration API


Ready for total Pushlink customization? A WEB API exists and provides two main functionalities:

  • The ability to upload the apk from outside the administrator panel;
  • Devices metadata available.

The first one makes it easier the deployment if you want to automate it, for example, and the second comes at hand if you want a personalized usage view.