About The Company

We love software and that's it. To provide a great SaaS, we are working hard, trying to bring to us black belt developers and struggling to provide nice features, uptime and security. PushLink will live for long long time because it is useful, cool, simple, popular, perfectly profitable and made by people that love people and software. Thank you everybody! :)


About the team

Célio Vasconcelos

Founder & Lead Developer

Célio has a lot of experience with android development and software integration, and came up with the idea of Pushlink driven by a personal need. Plus, he loves to provide support to other guys, mere software enthusiasts like him. Enjoying every day the great product that is being Pushlink.

He has now 10 years in software development, being graduated since 2006 and post-graduated since 2009. He is a Java specialist.

Victor Hugo Bueno


Victor is a developer, but he also keeps an eye for the projects' aesthetic parts. Here at Pushlink he is responsible for the UI/UX and is the guy to call when something is not feeling right at the screen.

He is graduated in Information Systems, likes clean and organized code and cooking. He is studying medicine and we hope that he can bring the two areas together.